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Excellence in Technology Learning Robotics , Drone Programming, AI and ML

At Shard Center for Innovation, we stand as a beacon of transformative learning, shaping the future of technology education across India. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer unparalleled programs in cutting-edge domains: Artificial Intelligence, Drone Programming, Machine Learning, and Robotics.


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At Shard Center, our vision extends beyond the present, embracing a future where innovation is boundless. We are fueled by a deep passion for nurturing the upcoming generation of tech pioneers who will spearhead progress and revolutionize industries through their mastery of AI, Drone Programming, ML, and Robotics. Our mission is to foster an environment that encourages exploration and growth. Regardless of age, we provide a platform where learners can immerse themselves in the intricate realms of AI, Drone Programming, ML, and Robotics. Through experiential learning, hands-on engagements, and the guidance of seasoned experts, we equip individuals with the tools to not only comprehend but to creatively apply these cutting-edge technologies.

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Management Team

Mr Pankaj kumar Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh

Founder & Managing Director
Advisor – Organization Development and Mentor

Dr. V P Singh

Advisor – Organization Development and Mentor

Mr. Dhiraj Arora

V P - Marketing, Operation and New Businesses

Mr. Mayank Raj Singh

Advisor -International Business and Strategy

An Initiative of Jalsa Ventures Group

Igniting minds with cutting-edge technology education. A transformative hub where AI, Drone programming, ML and Robotics converge, nurturing innovators of tomorrow.

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  • Email info@scilindia.org
  • Corporate Office Shard Center for Innovation (A Jalsa Ventures Group Initiative) 1st Floor, C – 45, Sector 02, Noida – 201301
  • UK Registered Office Shard Center For Innovation Limited
    128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK
  • Email uk@scilindia.org

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