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Artificial Inteligence

The Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the world by giving new insights, generating contents, helping in decision-making, automation and conduct of the multi-dimensional operations. Its adaptive nature fosters human-like intelligence, efficiency and innovation, shaping the future societies.
At SHARD Center for Innovation, our AI programs empower the participants with utmost skills in utilisation of AI, fostering innovation and enterprise.


In recent years, Drone technology has become an epitome of progress in the fields of operations management, 3-D mapping, mining, transportation, and surveillance. Their use has become widespread for commercial, professional as well as civilian purposes.
At the SHARD Centre for Innovation, our Drone programs captivate young learners with hands-on experience to assemble, programme and effectively use these machines for multiple purposes.


These intelligent machines are becoming common in a range of activities like- object recognition & response, task execution and handling hazardous situations, as well as helping people in their day-to-day work. A sizeable portion of our work-life is going to be occupied by them in future.
At SHARD Centre for Innovation, our Robotics programs cultivate young minds to assemble, programme and use this technology solve modern day challenges in collaborative manner.

Machine Learning

It allows virtual systems to learn and improve automatically. It provides an insight to the Customer behaviour and transaction patterns to help the enterprises develop new products & strategies and solve the complex problems of the industry.
At the SHARD Center for Innovation, our ML programs enable the participants understand and utilise the key concepts of this technology to excel in their professional sphere.

3-D Printing

This revolutionary technology has changed the landscape of designing and production processes. It offers a quick and cost-effective method, accelerating the product cycle with greater flexibility and multiple design options.
At the SHARD Center for Innovation, our 3-D printing program impart the participants with dexterity & skills to use this technology in various domains.

Data Science

The ability to collate and analyse the gigantic data for meaningful insights and actionable results is the bedrock of success for every industry today. It applies various scientific methods, tools, languages and algorithms.
At the SHARD Centre for Innovation, our Data science program enables the participants identify the key resources of Data and analyse that with suitable tools for the required insights/predictions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This Future Technology embeds digital technology into the physical world. It employs the functional objects enabling them connect, communicate and operate over a network without human intervention, revolutionising the day-to-day life as well as complex business processes.
At the SHARD Centre for Innovation, our IoT program transcends the participants to the next level of hyper-technology endowing with ability to use with utmost efficiency.

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