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We offer best AI, Drone Programming, Robotics & Machine learning classes


Artificial Inteligence

Inspire kids with AI classes, fostering creativity and hands-on learning. Specially curated kits spark innovation. Join for an exciting AI journey.



Inspire kids with play-based drone classes. Foster creativity, critical thinking. Comprehensive kits empower exploration. Join to shape future innovators.



Shaping the future with automation, innovation, and precision, revolutionizing industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, with limitless possibilities


Machine Learning

Empower through cutting-edge ML programs at Shard Centre. Hands-on projects, expert guidance. Join to shape the future of innovation.

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Why Technology Education for Kids?

Technology education for kids, encompassing AI & Machine learning, Drone programming & Robotics cultivates vital skills for the future. It fosters creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking, nurturing early innovation. Engaging with these fields empowers children to understand and shape the digital world, preparing them for careers in rapidly evolving industries. Moreover, it enhances adaptability and digital literacy, essential for navigating modern society. Through hands-on experiences, kids gain insights into cutting-edge technologies, sparking curiosity and lifelong learning. Ultimately, such education equips them with tools to harness technology's potential responsibly, driving progress and shaping a brighter tomorrow.


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India's most popular AI, Drone Programming, Robotics & ML Courses for students below 18 years.


Robotics Automation

Students will learn about the different types of robots and their applications in various industries.

Robotics - 60 Hours

Age 7-10 Years (Basics)

Age 11-14 Years (Intermediate)

Age 15-18 Years (Advance)


Artificial Inteligence

Students will explore different types of AI, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) - 60 Hours

Age 7-10 Years (Basics)

Age 11-14 Years (Intermediate)

Age 15-18 Years (Advance)


Machine Learning

Students will learn the fundamentals of machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning.

ML (Machine Learning) - 60 Hours

AGE 7-10 Years (Basics)

Age 11-14 Years (Intermediate)

Age 15-18 Years (Advance)


Drone Technology

Students will learn about the different types of drones and their applications in various industries.

Drone Technology - 60 Hours

Age 7-10 Years (Basics)

Age 11-14 Years (Intermediate)

Age 15-18 Years (Advance)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shard Center for Innovation is an educational hub that offers comprehensive programs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Drone Programming, Robotics & Machine Learning (ML). We provide hands-on learning experiences and expert guidance to help individuals master these cutting-edge technologies.

Our programs cater to learners of all ages and backgrounds, from beginners with no prior experience to professionals seeking to enhance their skills in AI, Drone Programming, Robotics & ML.

We offer a range of AI courses covering topics such as neural networks, natural language processing, computer vision, and more. These courses provide both theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Our Drone Programming courses teach participants how to code and control drones. You'll learn to program autonomous flights, gather data, and explore various drone applications.


An Initiative of Jalsa Ventures Group

Igniting minds with cutting-edge technology education. A transformative hub where AI, Drone programming, ML and Robotics converge, nurturing innovators of tomorrow.

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