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If you're considering to partner with SHARD Center for Innovation as franchise, meeting our specified criteria of a 2000 sq. ft infrastructure, a total investment of 15 lakhs, a 10-year agreement period, and a location within India, here's how we can assist you in taking the next steps:

Contact the SHARD Center for Innovation:

Contact the management or franchisor of SHARD Center for Innovation to express your interest in franchising and inquire about our pan-India franchise opportunities.

Request Franchise Information

Request our comprehensive franchise information package, offering detailed insights into the benefits of partnership, curriculum details, training and support programs, financial requirements, and our strategic expansion plans for pan-India operations.

Evaluate the Opportunity

Carefully examine the franchise information package to determine alignment with your objectives, financial capability, and readiness to commit to a 10-year agreement.

Business Plan and Financing

Collaborate with our team of experts at SHARD Center for Innovation to develop a comprehensive business plan. This plan will detail your operational strategy, market analysis, target demographics, marketing strategies, and financial projections. Evaluate various financing options to fund both the initial investment and ongoing operational expenses.

Select Target Location

Conduct a thorough analysis to identify potential target locations for establishing a Shard Center for Innovation franchise. Consider key factors such as demographics, educational demand, competition, and accessibility to ensure optimal site selection.

Submit Franchise Application

If you are ready to move forward, please proceed by completing and submitting the franchise application provided by Shard Center for Innovation. Ensure all necessary documentation, including financial statements and the business plan, are accurately completed and included.

Franchise Interview and Approval Process

If your application meets our criteria, you may be invited to undergo an interview or assessment process to evaluate your suitability as a pan-India franchisee. This may include background checks and a financial assessment to ensure your ability to support multiple franchises.

Franchise Agreement and Training

Thoroughly review and sign the franchise agreement, ensuring complete understanding of all terms and conditions. Participate in the franchisor's comprehensive training program to gain in-depth knowledge of the curriculum, operations, and support systems.

Develop Growth Strategy

Develop a meticulous growth strategy to establish Shard Center for Innovation franchises, emphasizing regions with a discernible demand for top-tier educational services and advancements in technology.

Marketing and Promotions

Execute targeted marketing and promotional campaigns to elevate brand visibility for Shard Center for Innovation, driving student enrolment and fostering franchise growth.

Operate and Support Franchises

As you expand, ensure that you provide consistent support and guidance to all your centers in case you are going for multiple centers to maintain brand standards and deliver high-quality education.

Franchising requires careful planning, efficient management, and a strong commitment to the franchisor's vision and values. By following these steps and dedicating yourself to offering excellent education and support, you can create a successful branch of Shard Center for Innovation.

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