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If you are interested in to take franchise of Shard Center for Innovation with the specified requirements of a 2000 sq feet infrastructure, a total investment of 15 lakhs, a 10-year agreement period, and a location within India, here are the steps you can take:

Contact the Shard Center for Innovation : Reach out to the Shard Center for Innovation's management or franchisor expressing your interest in franchising and inquire about their pan India franchise opportunities.

Request Franchise Information : Request a franchise information package that provides comprehensive details about the franchise opportunity, including the benefits of joining, the curriculum offered, training and support, financial requirements, and the franchisor's expansion plans for pan India.

Evaluate the Opportunity : Thoroughly review the franchise information package to assess if the franchise opportunity aligns with your goals, financial capacity, and willingness to commit to a 10-year agreement.

Business Plan and Financing : Develop a detailed business plan outlining your strategy for operating the franchise at your location with the team of experts from Shard Center for Innovation. Consider the potential market demand, target locations, marketing strategies, and projected financials. Determine how you will finance the initial investment and ongoing operational costs.

Select Target Locations : Identify potential target locations for establishing Shard Center for Innovation franchise. Consider factors like demographics, education demand, competition, and accessibility.

Submit Franchise Application : If you are confident in proceeding, complete and submit the franchise application provided by the Shard Center for Innovation. Ensure all required documentation, including financial statements and the business plan, are included

Franchise Interview and Approval Process : If your application is accepted, you may undergo an interview or assessment process to determine your suitability as a pan India franchisee. The franchisor may conduct background checks and verify your financial capacity to support multiple franchises.

Franchise Agreement and Training : Review and sign the franchise agreement, making sure you fully understand all terms and conditions. Attend the franchisor's training program to gain a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum, operations, and support systems.

Develop a Growth Strategy Develop a growth strategy to establish Shard Center for Innovation franchise. Focus on areas with high demand for quality education and technological advancements.

Marketing and Promotions Implement effective marketing and promotional activities to generate awareness about the Shard Center for Innovation brand and attract potential students to the franchises.

Operate and Support Franchises As you expand, ensure that you provide consistent support and guidance to all your centers in case you are going for multiple centers to maintain brand standards and deliver high-quality education.

Franchising requires careful planning, efficient management, and a strong commitment to the franchisor's vision and values. By following these steps and dedicating yourself to offering excellent education and support, you can create a successful branch of Shard Center for Innovation.


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Why to choose Shard Center for Innovation franchise?

Shard Center for Innovation offers a lucrative franchise opportunity in the field of AI, Drone Programming, ML, and Robotics.

Indian market demands quality education in these cutting-edge technologies and the potential for growth in the education and technology sectors. There is an increasing importance of these fields in various industries and the need for skilled professionals.

There are unique aspects of the Shard Center for Innovation franchise. These include the comprehensive curriculum, hands-on learning experiences, state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and the center's commitment to social responsibility.

Comprehensive support and training provided to franchisees. This could include initial setup assistance, ongoing operational guidance, marketing support, and regular training updates.

Present market research data showcases the demand for AI, Drone Programming, ML, and Robotics courses in the target locations. Shard Center for Innovation franchise is well-positioned to meet this demand.

Excellent financial projections that demonstrate the potential return on investment (ROI) for franchisees. Expected payback period for new franchisees is ideally within a year.

Relatively low initial investment required for a 2000 sq feet infrastructure and the potential for high returns in a growing market

Franchise opportunity is open for all Metro, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities.


An Initiative of Jalsa Ventures Group

Igniting minds with cutting-edge technology education. A transformative hub where AI, Drone programming, ML and Robotics converge, nurturing innovators of tomorrow.

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