AI Classes: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Explore AI with kids aged 8-18 through kids-friendly classes. Learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning in engaging ways, fostering curiosity and understanding for future innovation.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Embark on a thrilling AI journey in this introductory class! Dive into the realm of artificial intelligence as students craft a full-fledged AI project. Leveraging their webcams, participants will instruct an AI model to master data recognition and decision-making. Delve into the intricacies of AI functionality, delve into data classification intricacies, and fine-tune models for accurate predictions. Uncover the enchantment of machine learning, equipping students with hands-on experience and a solid foundation in the captivating world of artificial intelligence. Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash creativity and innovation in a dynamic.

ai classes

Ages 8-10 (Elementary School Class)

learn AI basics
Building Dynamic AI Models

Exploring the Intersection of Programming and Artificial

In this dynamic ai classes, students create the Super Forest Rangers platformer game, where the unique twist lies in hand gesture controls. This special feature is achieved through learning to build, train, and integrate an AI model into their game. Students explore the realms of machine learning, gaining insights into AI concepts, while also acquiring fundamental programming skills. Through this hands-on journey, they develop a captivating game that combines innovation, artificial intelligence, and basic programming knowledge, fostering a holistic understanding of technology and creativity

ai classes

Ages 11-13 (Middle School Class)

  • learn about AI logic and mechanics
  • Build an interactive game
  • Learn about basics JavaScript


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