Scilindia: Coding school for kids

In today’s world, technology drives progress, with code as its cornerstone. Regarded as a contemporary literacy, coding school for kids (Shard Center for Innovation) holds as much significance as reading and writing, shaping industries across the board. As our children prepare for the workforce, coding proficiency will become indispensable, defining their opportunities and contributions. Embracing this reality ensures readiness for the evolving landscape of employment and innovation.

Start early with coding education. Numerous engaging resources tailored for children make learning enjoyable and adaptable. Online classes offer flexibility, transforming screen time into productive endeavors, preparing youngsters for the code-centric future. Encouraging exploration of these avenues equips them with essential skills for the modern world’s demands.

Introducing Scilindia, where learning to code becomes an adventurous journey! Join our community of over a million users who have discovered the excitement of coding through interactive stories designed to save the world, one banana at a time.

Designed for beginners, our courses start with block-based coding and progress to real programming languages like CoffeeScript and Python. With lessons tailored for Primary (7-10 Yrs), Intermediate (11-14 Yrs), and Advanced (15-18 Yrs) age groups, everyone can learn at their own pace without fear of falling behind.


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